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Biography: Carol L. Peachee, LPCC, M.A.

Pioneer in the integrative health field.

Carol PeacheeCarol L. Peachee, LPCC, owner of The Center for Mindful Living Practices, is a pioneer in the integrative health field with over 40 years of experience in human potential psychotherapy, mindfulness practices and internal arts. Carol began her path into integrative practices as a student of John Heider, teacher of human potential group process at Esalen Institute and author of The Tao of Leadership. As a student of Master Wei Lun Huang for twenty years she mastered several internal arts, including Yang style long form Tai Chi, tai chi sword, Lui He Ba Fa, and QiGong. Most recently she has studied with meditation teacher Mingyur Rinpoche, the author of Joyful Living and with psychologist Dr. Zindel Segal, author of The Mindful Way Through Depression.

To grow towards health and self actualization requires a change of awareness, a shift in consciousness

Carol served on the advisory board for the University of Kentucky Medical School’s NIH grant for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and was a founding member and past board president of WaysMeet Healing Arts Center. She maintains a holistic and integrative private practice as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Lexington and Berea, Kentucky. Carol teaches mindfulness based groups and trainings for clients, professionals, and organizations.

Carol’s artistic career is focused in photography. Her work has been recognized statewide over the last decade, and she has authored three books published by University presses since 2015. Working with the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Carol developed the Eye Am!! Creating Visual Memoir Through Photography program. This participatory documentary photography program for women at risk, struggling with addiction, and survivors of domestic or sexual violence,  allows participants to visually tell their story while traveling a path to empowered personal potential. In 2015, the Eye Am!! program was awarded a Kentucky Foundation for Women grant. In 2016, the Eye Am!! program was recognized with An Innovative Program award by the governor of Kentucky and the Association for the Prevention of Sexual Assault. For a complete artistic biography and photo resume visit Carol Peachee Photography website.