Carol L. Peachee, M.A. - The Center for Mindful Living Practices
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Our Services

Integrative Mind-Body

COUNSELING: Conventional counseling and alternative approaches are integrated for whole person mind-body health at the Center for Mindful Living Practices. Methods from many different disciplines, including human potential psychology, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapies, insight therapies, and the new mindfulness based therapies are offered for individuals wanting to deepen self awareness.

MINDFULNESS BASED THERAPIES: Mindfulness cultivates a way of living fully in the present moment, waking us up to every aspect of our experience. We offer The Mindful Way To Emotional Balance for anxiety, emotional distress and as a complement to many medical challenges, as well as mindfulness training for whole person wellness. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (MBCT) is offered for people with recurrent depression. By combining mindful awareness and cognitive therapy this protocol offers a radical new way to approach the struggle with negative emotions and sidestep the chronic unhappiness that accompanies it.

LIVING IN PROCESS HUMAN POTENTIAL WORK: Living In Process Work provides an opportunity to explore the unfolding process of your life and consciousness. Descended from the Human Potential school’s concept of a personal Way or Path, and offered in workshop and group formats, Process work focuses on living a more aware and intentional life which fosters healing, growth, quiet mind, and self-transcendence. The Creative Potential is a creativity counseling path for artists and would-be artists interested in releasing their creative potential and attaining highest levels of creative growth. Available through individual sessions thatĀ help the Artist and would-be Artist develop the relationship with Self that leads to a fulfilling creative life.