Carol L. Peachee, M.A. - The Center for Mindful Living Practices
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Creativity Counseling & Coaching

For the Artist, and would-be Artist, the act of making art is the act of making meaning. It is through creativity that WE SEEK to understand purpose, explore relationship, express values, adventure into our philosophies and spiritual yearnings, expose our deepest feelings, and ask our most burning questions. To help keep creativity flowing in the direction of fulfillment there is a fundamental requirement that often goes unexamined even though it is the foundation of a successful creative life: Understanding Yourself.


Individual Counseling / Coaching

The Center for Mindful Living Practices offers individual coaching and counseling sessions to help you understand and develop the relationship with your Self that is a foundation for releasing your creative potential and attaining the highest levels of creative growth. A variety of methods and approaches are used to assist with issues common to the creative endeavor, across disciplines and skill levels.


Quiet-Mind Photography

Quiet-mind photography is part of the emerging field of contemplative photography. Quiet-Mind Photography is an introduction to mindful seeing that uses creativity with mindful awareness to seek clarity, explore perceptions and enhance overall well being. Extending mindfulness practice into exploration of consciousness and representation, Quiet-Mind Photography works with a reality that is different from our automatic and conditioned reactions. In this way Quiet-Mind Photography is art that Wakes Us Up!


Eye Am!!! Creating Visual Memoir Through Photography

A six week workshop offered several times a year in small groups of six women participants. The focus of the group is on developing photography skills, both with the camera and on the computer, that will culminate in a visual memoir of 8-10 final images. To enhance and deepen the exploration of who Eye Am, writing assignments and group processing will be intertwined with the photographic experience. If you are interested, call to find out when the next group is.