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Upcoming Events

Integrative Mind-Body

Workshop: The Mindful Way To Emotional Balance

July 2 – August 27, 2019
5:00 – 7:00 PM Tuesdays*

located at Body Mind & Sol


This powerful approach based on combining mindful awareness and cognitive therapy works on the understanding that it is not the mood that does the damage, but our habitual efforts to escape the emotional spirals and escalation.


The nine week workshop introduces concepts and techniques that teach emotional balance based on developing a different relationship to our emotions. This new relationship enables us to go beyond our habitual reactions and find a different place for standing and working with feelings.


With presence and awareness we are then able to anchor ourselves when an emotion arises. This gives us more options for selecting a response and influencing what happens next. It allows us to break habitual responses before they overtake us. Emotions don’t have to send us escalating out of control or spiraling downward.


Each week we will learn new techniques to practice at home, each week building on the skills we learned the week before. We will learn several different focuses for mindfulness practice, embodiment, and compassion and gratitude practices that help develop healthy responses to our lives.


Emotional Balance is possible for anyone who is willing to make a commitment to themself. That commitment is a lot like learning any new skill…the more you practice, the better you get.


Join us at Berea’s Body Mind & Sol Studio. Register today and change your relationship to emotions. In just a few weeks you will begin to feel the stabilizing effects of your efforts!


To register or for more information: Call or Text 859-338-5757 or email

Cost:$360   Anthem, Humana, and United Health Care Insurace accepted

* participants of this workshop will receive 50% off the Yin Yoga class immediately following at 7:15